Major Film Studio

Major Film Studio

A major studio uses a web-based SAP application to manage the budgeting and planning of DVD productions. The SAP application had all the necessary functionality, but it was plagued with usability problems and poor design, growing increasingly complex with each functional enhancement. As a result, it took the business users days to perform even the most routine tasks, resulting in significant productivity issues.


Square One engaged with the internal IT team to perform an UX transformation to improve the usability of the application and regain the trust from the business users. We introduced new agile processes with quicker iterations to re-energize the team. We simulated an entirely new user experience using iRise so the stakeholders could touch and feel the proposed changes while the IT team could validate technical feasibility before implementation. Most of the usability improvements were developed through the browser without costly server-side SAP customizations. The result was a clean, highly usable app completed within a modest budget.

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